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Latest News & Events

2020 Betting on a Cure Announcement

Friends and Supporters of 4 Ayden Strong, Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel the Betting on a Cure [...]

2nd Annual Hudsen Memorial Ride

Supporting the 4 Ayden Strong Foundation Hosted by:Red Lion Elks Riders 1592Red Lion Legion Riders 543Freedom Biker Church Saturday, September [...]

Our Mission

Ayden Zeigler -Kohler, 10-years old, passed away after battling DIPG for 7 months.  In honor of Ayden, the 4AydenStrong Foundation was created.

Our mission is to bring awareness to not only DIPG but to all pediatric cancer and to fund research given the limited funding that is currently in place. Unfortunately, only 4% of government funding goes towards pediatric cancer research. We also provide financial assistance to families who may be experiencing hardship while seeking treatment , clinical trials or more importantly making as many memories as possible until a cure is found. Many families have already benefited from 4AydenStrong.  Ayden’s wheelchair was donated and shipped to another child with DIPG, money has been donated to multiple families to help with their needs, and items to assist in caring for and keeping a child comfortable have been donated in Ayden’s name.

Our battle has just begun. These brave, courageous children deserve the chance to live a long and happy life!

We will forever be Ayden’s Army
we will forever remain 4AydenStrong!


“One Army, One Mission”