About The Foundation

Our battle has just begun. We will not stop. We will not give up.
We will forever remain Ayden Strong!

Bill Kohler,  Ayden’s Dad, served 17 years in the Army, including in Iraq, as an infantry soldier and later as a combat medic. When he returned home in 2006, he suffered from anxiety and depression and began to isolate himself from family and friends.  But then Ayden was born.  Bill credits the birth of Ayden for saving his life.  Ayden gave Bill a purpose in life and he put all he had into being a father to his son.

After Ayden was diagnosed with DIPG , Bill felt it was his destiny to help others who have children with cancer and to fight to find a cure.  “No child deserves to go through this terrible disease.” That is when the 4AydenStrong Foundation  was born.

If you would like to be a member of Ayden’s Army,
please reach out to us  here.
We are always looking to grow our
Army into the biggest and strongest force we can be.
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